Review: ‘Regretting You’ by Colleen Hoover

As an avid reader, I try to read everything I lay my hands on. But in true honesty, what I enjoy reading the most are books that make me feel. And ‘Regretting You’ definitely made me feel. A lot. (And maybe ugly cry a little).

«Regretting You» revolves around the relationship between Morgan and Clara, a mother and a daughter that try to be as opposite as they can be. Morgan, like most mothers, wants to prevent her daughter to commit the same mistakes she made when she was young, while Clara just wishes that her mother was a little less.. predictable and way more relaxed.

Things seemed pretty normal and average in their family day to day life, until a tragic accident changes everything by revealing a secret no one saw coming. This tragedy, and the realization that the people Morgan loved weren’t who she thought they were, makes the relationship between Morgan and Clara even more difficult and complicated, since mother tries to protect daughter from a heartbreaking secret that’ll impact Clara negatively.

While this book might talk about first love and teen relationships, this is not your typical romance novel. In ‘Regretting You’ we get a little bit of a reality check, where we see beyond that «happily ever after» and find out that, in the real world and true life, relationships sometimes just end, and people have to face life changing situations while navigating through all kinds of emotions: happiness, love, pain, heartbreak, grief.

Do I recommend ‘Regretting You’?

I must be honest: this book was painful to read, specially as someone that has experienced the hurt and emotional damage that infidelity can cause. But still, I think is a raw and wonderful story beautifully written that I enjoyed reading (and crying while at it).

Content warning: death, betrayal and infidelity.

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